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The large scale puppets or „Big Figures“ designed and built by Thomas Husemann are a guarantee for spectacular Shows, Events and Performances of all kinds. When Thomas and his team guide their puppets „Dundu“ and „Bimbi“, the audience is captivated and carried away to a world of fantasy quite unknown in any other form of Puppetry.


At 5 meters tall, Big Figures Dundu and Bimbi reach the limits for freely manipulable puppets. Because of their size, the puppets appear powerful, but at the same time delicate, due to the transparent mesh of their skin. The humanoid stature and amazing agility of these puppets make an uncannily human impression.

Every Big Figure is animated by a team of five specially trained puppeteers. Their innovative technique and high rate of synchronous movements lend the figures uninhibited playability, allowing exceptional interaction with the audience.


The universal personalities of Dundu and Bimbi leave the spectator free to project their own imagination, thus portraying the ideal image of a marionette as described by Heinrich von Kleist in his essay „About the Marionette Theatre“ in 1810. Amazement, delight and wonder, Dundu and Bimbi hold their audience in absolute fascination.